From time to time I enjoy making short videos just for fun.

here some of them (well, the ones that I can show :) :

Simple fabrication of complex microfluidic devices

My first paper on microfluidics.

So long Groningen

My farewell video for my postdoc in Groningen.

Marmite under microscope

Mario Bros Column Chromatography

Whistling in test tubes.

#RealTimeChem 2013 Trailer

The trailer for the RealTimeChem 2013 week.

So God Made a Chemist

This is a chemical parody of the spot “So God Made a Farmer”.

Extreme Sport: Chemistry

The idea was to transform a standard chemist day in something epic using an action camera, superslow motion and dubstep.

Friday in the Lab (a.k.a. R/C Car in da Lab)

Installing the laminate – like a boss!

Apparently it’s a Dutch tradition to rent apartment without a floor… It means buying 600kg of laminate from Ikea and then installing it in two weekends. This is a time lapse of 2.38min of the installation work….

Ukulele @ Chatroulette

It was a shitty-weather-sunday-morning and instead of doing my usual ukulele playing alone, i did it in chatroulette just to see how people react to the what-the-hell-is-this-funny-sound and why-is-coming-from-that-small-guitar. Naturally I was also helped by the fact that one of my favorite uke is a watermelon :)…. (most of the people smiled/singed/danced, but naturally it is still chatroulette…. and, for the sake of the project, I cut out all the naked people)


The Lord of the Posters 

The International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (aka ISMSC) is an annual conference on guess what? I’m going to this series of conference since 2008 (my first international conference was in Las Vegas……). In 2012 it was organized in Otago – New Zealand. Nowadays, thanks to Peter Jackson, New Zealand is mostly associated to the Lord of The Rings. No, no, I’m not talking about this but about this. It was a such good opportunity of making a video of my trip there in the Lord of the Ring chemistry style that I didn’t resist…. It’s in two parts + the epic trailer.


Part I

Part II


More video when I’ll have time for making them :)

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