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American Dad’s chemistry

Yesterday I was watching an old episode of American Dad and part of the story was set in a chemistry class…. Are the writer of American Dad as scientifically good as the one of the Simpsons or Futurama? The episode is the 11×05 “now and Gwen”.

american dad chemistryClassic periodic table but weird molecules poster… And why the hell there is a world globe in a chemistry class????

american dad chemistry

Sexual joke while cleaning the test tube. Pretty accurate I would say :D

american dad chemistry

Quenching a fire with organic solvent…. not a brilliant idea (but I saw it happen once).

american dad chemistry

Uhm… a couple of protons missing?

american dad chemistryApparently they solved it few seconds later. Part of the periodic table is also correct.

Not that much chemistry, but it’s still fun to see chemistry in pop culture :)





The Monster Silica Ma(e)sh

Happy halloween from LabSolutely:

and, in case you missed them, don’t forget the other classic LabSolutely video:

Mario Bros Column Chromatography  and the making of

So God Made a Chemist and the picture comparison with the original spot

Extreme Sport: Chemistry

the #RealTimeChem trailer 

and here if you want to see some fun with the old working group in Groningen

Marmite…you know…the black tar


This post is somehow connected to @reneewebs‘s aroma analysis of Marmite (part 1 and part 2). As I love NMR I did a couple of fast and brutal H-NMR and gCOSY experiments:


1H-NMR (D2O, 400MHz): quite a lot of (what I bet are) sugars, fatty acids, and I have no clue about the aromatic stuff. (Edit: the aromatic stuff are Niacin, Riboflavin, and Thiamin, according to wikipedia)


the gCOSY is even worst, I spent only 3 minutes on that, so, sorry if it’s not informative at all (a good TOCSY would have been amazing).

Anyway, the most interesting things (or at least unexpected) was that the Marmite water solution was extremely foamy. A couple of drops of the foamy solution from the NMR tube to the microscope glass and this is what happened next:

P.S. I hate Marmite, I tried the first time last year in New Zealand as breakfast…. As I’m used to “sweet” breakfast, I originally thought it was some kind of chocolate…. Stupid, stupid me. That was, let’s say a surprise (and not a good one). A couple of days later I finished swearing against the black tar from the hell, and I discover that is not that bad with bread and cheese, maybe with ham….. but for God sake…. NOT FOR BREAKFAST!!!!

The Making of “Mario Bros Column Chromatography”

IMG 1102

First of all, If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should check “Mario Bros Column Chromatography

How the story of this video started is a little bit of mystery. I’m pretty sure I was in my office when Mathieu come in whistling in a test tube. Mathieu remembers it differently: I was doing a kind of whistling column when he kicked in. Anyway, in that moment (whatever it was) we decided to make a video whistling in the test-tubes. The second step was to decide the song. It was an easy decision, we both are great gamers (and nintendo lovers). During the following nights we wetted up almost everything:

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A fistful of (science) videos

 Creativity is something you have or you don’t. The part-time creative doesn’t exist. Here some creative songs/videos/interpretations from different scientists. I love when something is both creative and funny, especially if it comes from scientists. Apparently it is quite common in the USA where probably they realize that a creative guy is always creative and not only in the lab. Great way to screen for creative possible employees. The Garg group in the UCLA is already doing it since quite long time with chemistry students here, and the Molecular and Cell Biology in Berkeley is doing an annual competition for funny science related video. They even have a youtube channel

Anyway, here some of my favorite: 


That’s the basic, if you are a chemist and you have internet you should already know this song. If not, well, we do have a problem. More form the mathematician genius Tom Lehrer – Poisoning pigeons in the park (you can find some chemistry there as well) and Lobachevky (good points on plagiarism)

Ok, this is not exactly chemistry, but the Monty Python are the father of the nonsense, and my brain is a big fan of that. If you don’t know who they are, you probably want to ask Santa Claus the DVD or the blu ray box of Monty Python’s flying circus. 

This is a chemistry song. How may times you thought that TEA was enough for deprotonation and then ending up in refluxing stuff in almost saturated KOH solution?  
Best line: “Your stirring bar is dissolving, the TLC shows no products”

Great cover although the original one was funny as well (most beautiful girl in the room).
Best line: “just me and you, and other seven dudes, waiting for the centrifuge”

AMAZING interpretation of the phd life (under pressure). This is one of my favorite. And I guess that convincing so many people in participating in the project was not an easy call. 

I love the Cake, and naturally this lab cover. 

If you say “motherfucking coats” you deserve to be here. That’s the normal lab language. 

almost 4 millions viewers for this parody. 
Best line: “Can’t read you protocol, it’s written in Thai”

This chemical parody of “sexy and I know it” is age restricted on youtube. Just for letting you know what are we taking about. Serious stuff here. Great video.
Best line “I got product in my flask and I ain’t afraid to show it”