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A TLC Story

Everything started with this message on twitter from @aw_mckinley:


And indeed it was a crappy TLC but “graphically” nice. It was almost holiday time and I had nothing to do (except for cleaning duties, that usually it’s a booooring stuff). So I decided to improve a little bit the TLC:

Tlc1Starting with the classical HADDDOUKENN.


Tlc2Moving to Megaman….

Tlc3Naturally a Yoda version. The force is strong in that spot….

Tlc4Going to Goku, he needs to prepare the shot….

Tlc5….before the HIT. Poor Vegeta.

Tlc6The even more classical Super Mario…

Tlc7…and naturally Bowser

Tlc8Closing with the infamous Zidane headkick… after all I’m Italian :)