Welcome… Some Q&A before going on…

Who am I?

Human, male, Italian, ukulelist, nerd. I’m partially an organic chemist, mostly a supramolecular chemist. Interested in more or less everything from the latest viral video to philosophy. Doing my postdoc in the Netherlands working on dynamic combinatorial chemistry and systems chemistry. Check my “serious” profile http://www.vsaggiomo.com

Why this?

One of my constants in life is having fun. Life is simply too short for being serious and boring. This is also one of the reason why I’m working in a university laboratory. It’s usually a funny and interesting place to be for more than 8h a day. The point is that lately I started writing too much “stuff” and, although I have freedom for setting up my presentation as I want, this is not possible when I have to write papers/updates/proposal. This standardized way of scientific writing is simply too boring for my brain. Or probably my english is not good enough for enjoying writing scientific stuff. In both cases a blog could help that part of my brain devoted to writing.

Why that?

Well I should write about something. I’m spending between six and ten hours a day in a chemistry laboratory and this will be the main part of the blog. This is the naked truth of what happen in the lab. You can read thousand of papers about chemical experiments, new synthesis, new products, new analysis and so on. Here I’m going for the stories from the lab, the real stories of man and woman that work for that experiments. Stories that you will never find in any publication…. The naked truth.



This blog is full of sarcasm and irony, if you cannot understand sarcasm, well, it’s not my problem. Views on this blog are only my own and do not reflect those of my employer.  Whatever you find in this website is under Creative Commons:

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