CoverTime: Robots

How nerd are you? Can you identify the robot in this cover (without googling)?



Did you get it?

This is a cover from a review in ACIE from the group of Ley about machine assisted organic synthesis. I’m a big fan of Ley and all the automatic things and remote control they have in the lab, but we are here for one and only one reason: The cover!

So, which kind of robot they used for the cover?
I’m pretty sure it’s a badass tripod from the war of the worlds.


Now, let’s forget for one moment that the size of the tripod is huuuuuuge, and I guess is not going to fit in the lab, but my main question is: Why picking up an “hostile” robot?
Frankly speaking, the tripod is not such friendly robot one would have around…. True, it has quite a lot of flexible arms that are handy, but still….

And then I was wondering, which robot I would like to have in the lab? And here the topic gets complicated…..

A random decepticon, although they are not friendly, I just love the metallic voice “DECEPTICON” from time to time.

c-3PO is kind of useless, but it’s nice for the fun and the good atmosphere of the lab.

R2-D2 it will be like that non-english speaking labmate that is impossible to understand, but he fixes the HPLC like no one else.

Ash/Bishop, shall I trust him? Is he going to scoop all my research and send it to someone else?

Data, amazing guy, he knows every-fucking-thing. Maybe little bit arrogant and I-know-it-all-guy, but well, he has his reasons.

Number 5, maybe it’s a good choice. Still I don’t like how he moves.

Robocop, booooooring.

Chappie, undergrads for few minutes, PhD in one day and then he will be the best chemist ever.

Terminator, “I’ll be back”, yes but when? Why did you leave all this mess in the lab? Where are you going? No, you cannot just add Sarah Connor as author in the paper.

HAL 9000, come on, please distill some DCM, is not that dangerous.


And then I stopped thinking about that, the choice is way too difficult to be solved in one day. And you, which robot would you like to have in the lab?


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  1. Andrew

    TARS from Interstellar. Sassy and selfless, and doesn’t need any of the three laws in order not to be a jerk.

  2. Mat

    What about Wall-E or Eve, having environmental friendly robots would help you getting green chemistry grants.

    Or Eva from Ex-Machina. She’s smartly mean, but a nice company to have. (actually shall we say “he”, “she” or “it” when talking about robots??).

    Marvin from the hitchhiker’s guide would help keeping seeing the bright side of life whenever your reaction failed or your paper has been rejected…

    Some of the cyborgs from dragonball z, so that people know that when they come to steal glassware from your lab it’s at their own risks (Megaman would do the job for that purpose too).

    GlaDOS from portal, who is disturbed and twisted minded enough to handle working in a chemistry lab.

    But none of those compare to having Bender as a labmate! He can brew some beer, run several reactions in parallel, analyse the compounds you just synthesized, all of this while smoking a cigar and stealing your wallet, pretty amazing!

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