Column Hell

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Although I usually have fun with column chromatography (it was also the topic of my first post one year ago) and TLCs, sometime sith happens (no, it’s not a typo).

You know, that spot that is not moving at all even in 8:2 DCM/MeOH with 1% of TEA. The feeling of “this is not going to end well”.

That shiver on your spine thinking about alumina column, or even worst: the infamous C18.

Today is one of those days (previous one here).

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  1. Larry

    It is a common belief that methanol will dissolve silica. Silica solubility in methanol is almost non existent. High levels of base are needed for silica dissolution Back in the 80s when I was working with aspartame and related molecules by TLC and flash chromatography there were two mobile phases routinely used for highly polar molecules. They were 1) 64/30/4/2 dichloromethane/methanol/water/formic acid or 2) same as 1 except NH4OH in place of formic acid. These may be helpful for some of your work.

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