Videogames and science: “The Last of Us”

Since long time I wanted to do a post (or a series of posts) on videogames and science (the university journal talking about the project here.pdf). Recently I finished “The Last of Us” and I guess it’s perfect time for starting this kind of posts. (Note: if you think that videogames are only for kids, well, maybe you want to read this paper

First of all “The Last of Us” is an amazing game, if you own a PS3 you should definitely play it. The developers (Naughty Dog) are the same guys that brought to you Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted. I love them and their attention to details they put in the games. 

The Last of Us is a clear example of game with those small details that make you smile while playing. Part of the adventure is based in the science department in the University of Eastern Colorado.

Aaaaand here we go:

A nice centrifuge:

IMG 2926

A nice microscope (in front of a window to make you blind):

IMG 2930

No one is cleaning glassware…. That looks like a real lab:

IMG 2933

To me it looks like a plasma cleaner… Any idea?

IMG 2936

Safety shower in the corner and not near the exit door? Nice…. Run for your life… in the corner, in the corner…..

IMG 2940

Something with two high pressure inlets? HPLC? Or some other purification stuff…. No idea

IMG 2945

A very nice TEM….. in a room with a lot of windows….

IMG 2948

IMG 2951


IMG 2954


And well, since I’m in the Netherlands I also started enjoying biking. This was pretty nice: 

IMG 2924


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