Marmite…you know…the black tar


This post is somehow connected to @reneewebs‘s aroma analysis of Marmite (part 1 and part 2). As I love NMR I did a couple of fast and brutal H-NMR and gCOSY experiments:


1H-NMR (D2O, 400MHz): quite a lot of (what I bet are) sugars, fatty acids, and I have no clue about the aromatic stuff. (Edit: the aromatic stuff are Niacin, Riboflavin, and Thiamin, according to wikipedia)


the gCOSY is even worst, I spent only 3 minutes on that, so, sorry if it’s not informative at all (a good TOCSY would have been amazing).

Anyway, the most interesting things (or at least unexpected) was that the Marmite water solution was extremely foamy. A couple of drops of the foamy solution from the NMR tube to the microscope glass and this is what happened next:

P.S. I hate Marmite, I tried the first time last year in New Zealand as breakfast…. As I’m used to “sweet” breakfast, I originally thought it was some kind of chocolate…. Stupid, stupid me. That was, let’s say a surprise (and not a good one). A couple of days later I finished swearing against the black tar from the hell, and I discover that is not that bad with bread and cheese, maybe with ham….. but for God sake…. NOT FOR BREAKFAST!!!!


  1. Ala

    Thou shalt delight thyself on Marmite, for Vegemite is a gazillion times worse (and no TOCSY can save that one (either)) !

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  3. geoffrey swain

    On a slice of wholemeal toast with a slice of big, ugly, crimson summer ripened tomato just sauteed in olive oil……yes…….. for breakfast.

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  5. adrian

    sounds like the ‘no Marmite for breakfast’ comment was written by one of those folk who like ‘peanut butter and jelly’ for breakfast. Took me years to realise that the yanks don’t know ‘jam’ – only jelly!

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